Steel Storage Sheds

Steel Storage Sheds

Are you running out of space in your Garage ? Are you tired of squeezing around your cars to get in your house because you don’t have enough room for everything? Do you park in the driveway because your garage is full? Or maybe you would just like to have more room in your garage, so you could work on your car, boat or other recreational vehicles.

Then you need a STORAGE SHED.

Our Storage Sheds are built with the same materials used in the steel building industry, and utilize the highest grade of galvanized steel in the market today. This steel is guaranteed to never rust or corrode throughout the building’s lifetime. Unlike wood products, Steel does depreciate in value but maintains current market value. FIRE-RATED for high-risk fire areas. Our storage sheds have large roll up doors that allow for easier access, Windows and skylights may also be installed.
With our storage sheds, you’ll never have to worry about painting or repairs again.


  • All storage sheds include LIFETIME PAINT, ROOF, and FRAME WARRANTY
  • Standard 8-feet wall heights
  • Standard 3:12 roof slope for optimal drainage of water
  • Rain gutters with downspouts
  • Commercial-grade steel roll up doors with lock
  • Large tall and wide Roll up Doors allow easier access than standard hinged doors, they also will not get caught by the wind.
  • Windows and Skylights may also be installed on these storage sheds.

Web Type Roof Truss Design

  • Adapted from Aviation wing design technology reduces weight without removing strength
  • Reduces overall weight of building therefore reducing foundation requirements (saves Money)
  • Easily accepts Electrical for lighting and other needs
  • May be Sheet Rocked and insulated

Heavy Duty High Strength Steel Frame

  • Will Not Rust Or Corrode
  • Will Not Burn
  • Easier to erect, Most installs do not require heavy lifting equipment (saves Money)
  • Easily adapts to a variety of designs


  • Protect expensive bicycles from weather elements when not in use
  • Storage of lawn equipment (lawnmowers, weed trimmers, gas, and oil)
  • Tool storage (large tool chests)
  • Workshops (outdoor getaway)
  • Recreational vehicle (ATV) storage
  • Fishing and hunting gear storage
  • Grandma’s attic

And many, many more uses!

Never worry about painting or repairing your storage shed again.  Don’t spend your money on Vinyl or plastic storage sheds that deteriorate in the weather and will have to be replaced in a matter of a few years.

 Let us Custom design a Lifetime STEEL STORAGE SHED for your Home or Business.

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