Steel Buildings

At All Metal Builders our Steel/Metal buildings are designed by local Nevada Licensed Engineers for Northern Nevada weather and high altitude climates; this includes High wind and Heavy snow load conditions and earthquake ratings.

Our metal buildings are all designed for a Min. wind of 130 MPH and 30 Lbs. ground snow load.This area also requires exposure C and is designed under the 2012 International Building Code. These are the building design requirements that the local building departments will require for the building permit process.

Our buildings include complete engineering designed to meet these requirements. This type of steel building includes complete footing (foundation) details for the erection of the structure. This is different than many other types of Steel buildings which require separate engineers for the foundation design which means additional cost and time.


Heavy Duty  Strength Galvanized Steel Frame

  • Will Not Rust Or Corrode
  • Will Not Burn, Accepted in high fire risk areas
  • Easier to erect, Most installs do not require heavy lifting equipment (saves Money)
  • Easily adapts to a variety of designs and may be custom designed to meet you requirements

Web Type Roof Truss Design

  • Adapted from Aviation wing design technology reduces weight without removing strength
  • Reduces overall weight of building therefore reducing foundation requirements (saves Money)
  • Easily accepts Electrical for lighting and other needs
  • May be Sheet Rocked and insulated

Metal Building Are an Excellent Choice For:

  • Workshops and garages where welding and grinding needs to be done
  • Storage
  • Add on garages for homes without Garages
  • Specialty Greenhouses
  • Office Space,Horse stalls, workshops, Accessory building in high risk fire areas

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