Aluminum Patio Covers Contractor in Reno

At All Metal Builders We have more than 15 years of experience in the design and installation of all types of aluminum patio covers in Reno, Sparks, and the greater Northern Nevada. We have everything you need to protect your Patio or Deck from the damaging effects of the sun and weather year around. These Metal Patio Covers are also designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads that can occur in the Northern Nevada area.

We handle all the required paperwork, like applications for approvals from your Homeowners or Commercial Property Association, as well as the necessary permits for Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County.

Ten Reasons To Install a Patio Cover!


  • Prevents Carpet, Furniture & Drapery Fading
  • Reduces Heat Gain
  • Reduces Glare Without Window Coverings
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs year around
  • Decreases Drafts


  • Increases Privacy
  • Protects Patio Furniture
  • Adds more storage Storage
  • Improves Appearance Of Home
  • Improves Value and resale Of Home

Aluminum Lattice Patio Covers

All Lattice Patio Cover structures are available in a variety of designs and colors to complement and match any home. Lattice Covers provide filtered shade for areas that don’t require year-round protection from rain or snow, like pool areas, garden areas, and patios with east and north facing exposures.Aluminum Lattice patio covers with embossed cedar wood grain finishes provide a kind of Southwest appearance that appeals to many homeowners. Design possibilities are endless and contouring is possible with lattice (pergola) type structures.

We build Lattice (Pergola) Type custom patio covers:

  • 2” X 6.5”rafters with 2” lattice tubes or 2” X 3” lattice tubes
  • 2” or 3” space
  • 3” X 8”rafters with 2” lattice tubes or 2” X 3” lattice tubes
  • 2” or 3” space or 3” X 3” rafters with 3” space

Solid aluminum Patio Covers

All Metal Builders offers two styles of solid roof custom patio covers: Standard Solid and Deluxe Solid.

Solid patio covers are the choice for homeowners seeking year round protection and maximum shade for their patio and porch areas. Patio covers with solid roofs provide full protection from the rain, snow, wind and the damaging effects of the Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays (UV).This type of patio awning will provide protection for expensive patio furniture,seat cushions, barbecue grills and delicate skin. These shade structures also protect finishes which can deteriorate in just a few years in direct sunlight and can also create a much more usable and comfortable area for outdoor bars and barbecue areas, they can also create a protected area for your dogs and cats and other pets, much needed shelter on hot summer days or cold winter days.

Standard Solid Patio Cover

  • Southwest design includes maintenance free wood-grain finish, available in several colors-White-Sandalwood-Rosewood-Maplewood-Driftwood-Pewter-Beachwood-Sienna Wood
  • 3″ X 8” structural aluminum beam
  • Roll-formed aluminum rain gutter with downspouts
  • 2.5” X 6” roll-formed single thickness roof panels designed and engineered to withstand high wind and heavy snow
  • 3” aluminum and steel columns with decorative side plates to complement the structure
  • Specialty Roman and other Square columns available
  • Also includes complete decorative trim in a variety of styles-Mitered-Scalloped-Corbel-Flat beveled

Deluxe Custom Solid Patio Cover “OUR SPECIALTY!”

  • Southwest or Modern Contemporary design, includes factory painted Finish, in several colors
  • 3” X 8” structural aluminum beam with 3” X 8” structural steel reinforcement.
  • 3” 4” or 6” thick Insulated Reinforced Panels Roof panels come in 4 ft widths
  • 3” aluminum and steel columns with decorative side plates to complement the structure.
  • Also includes complete decorative trim in a variety of styles

Benefits of Deluxe Solid Custom Patio Covers
1. Underside of panels will not sweat in high humidity areas.
2. Heat of sun will not transfer through roof
3. No voids or gaps for nesting birds or leaf buildup, no need for flashing
4. Can be walked on,Large open gutters for easy cleaning
5. Able to span larger distances than standard roof panels
6. Can have lights, fans and other electrical mounted to it
7. May be converted into a Sunroom.

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